Kawaii hairstyle of the day ✌️
🐷✨my little pony sweater by @nikkilipstick 💕
New look on the blog :) 
my hair by bee kim guilbert,
more on my blog 
On the blog
A new blog post on HeyDickface.com 
Went to Marks and Spencer and it made me think about London this summer when I met Natasha so I bought the Percy pigs candy even though I couldn’t find the vegan ones! 🐷💕 (at Marks & Spencer) (taken with instagram @heydickface)
Coffee slut mug and a cute coffee box :) 
Beautiful sky at my window (Taken with Instagram @heydickface)
my cute pink sandals :) i love them but it’s raining a lot these days in Paris :(
pastel shorts!
tie & dye jeans
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Today’s look! Pictures soon! (Taken with instagram @heydickface)
Creepers collection ! (Taken with instagram @heydickface)